Of Franco-Algerian origin, Alexandre grew up between France and Italy.

Very soon engaged in humanitarian causes, he decided to interrupt his studies in Political Science to take part in civic service and on behalf of the NGO “Orphelins Sida International”.

His mission takes him to several countries in Africa and India. It is then that he discovers his vocation for story telling through video and photography which he decides to make as his job.

Upon his return, he joined the University Diploma “Documentary Photography and Transmedia Writing” at GRAPh-CMI in Carcassonne (France) to perfect his skills. He is currently in an internship at the agency of CIRIC for his final graduation.

Passionate about anthropology and cinema, he likes to combine documentary and militant approach to a visual aesthetic, which allows him to develop his work on several levels of reading, while maintaining a certain balance. Attentive never to fall into the caricature, he privileges the immersive approaches in order to account as closely as possible to the big social questions.

He is a member of Studio Hans Lucas since May 2018.

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